The commercial version of EvaluateToWin is relatively new. Since its introduction, companies ranging from 20 to 7000 employees have expressed an interest in it.  Below is one of the success stories:

Able Engineering: 
20%+ Cumulative Annual Growth Rate for Five Years

Able Engineering is owned and operated by Lee Benson, the creator of EvaluateToWin. After participating in Jack Welch Leadership Institute, he told Mr. Welch how he applied things he learned there and in his Vistage Peer Advisory Group to build an evaluation system to which he attributes the success of his firm’s growth: a Cumulative Annual Growth Rate of 20%+ over the past five years. After sharing it with Mr. Welch, it has become part of his curriculum, and Lee spun off the technology as EvaluateToWin.


Able was originally started in1982 to provide shop overload brush electroplating services to Garrett/Air Research (now Honeywell) with Lee Benson as the Founder and CEO. By 1988, Lee, was given 10% of the business with performance options to increase his share to 25%. The business grew to about 28 employees and had its first million dollar sales year in 1992. However, over 90% of the business was with one customer, and in September 1993, with sales dropping to almost zero and employees down to three, rather than close the company down, Lee purchased it for outstanding debt with the hope of turning it around.

Lee realized that the Company could make more money by selling direct to its end-users rather than working for OEMs (Original equipment Manufacturers) who then resold his work. So, the new company began working directly with aircraft operators to develop and deliver repair, offering the clients the same services for less than they were paying and making increased profits. It was a real “Win-Win” for Able and the aircraft operators. Once established with existing end-users, he could expand the business to other potential clients, world-wide, that operated that aircraft model.

This led to a strong new Mission statement: Reducing Aircraft Operating Costs, with behavioral values to align all employees. It led to the creation and adoption of the now spun off, EvaluateTo Win system, which allows management to evaluate culture, alignment, performance, and leadership, to guide mangers on how to improve performance.

Today, Able has over 8,000 FAA approved repairs covering both helicopter and large fixed-wing aircraft fleets. They have about 320 employees, 2,000 customers worldwide and about one-third of their business is International.  Able Engineering’s sales have grown from $300K in 1994 to over $40M in 2011, with a solid plan to triple business in the next 5 years.  The Jack Welch Leadership Institute now includes the EvaluateToWin approach in its curriculum.

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