The System

The EvaluateToWin is a powerful dashboard-based system, located on the cloud, which lets leaders monitor and improve performance at the individual, team, business unit, and corporate levels. It involves 3 processes: Planning, Deployment and Maximizing your investment.


Management is the linchpin. Senior Management first clarifies the organization’s Mission, Vision, Culture, Values, Strategy, Leadership and employee expectations. To align everyone, they cascade these elements throughout the enterprise. Each team manager defines behavioral expectations of employees, and establish measurable criteria that are meaningful to management and employees. This allows monitoring and evaluations to be performed at the individual, team, business unit and organizational levels. With this information, managers and employees can easily see where corrective actions are needed to produce aligned winning.


It takes about 90 days to implement the system. Once your company’s purpose and performance criteria are clarified, company managers and employees meet to define the values and behaviors needed to perform their winning strategies. Supervisors and employees engage in meaningful conversations to identify what is expected from the employee and how to measure.

Measurements use a 1-10- scale to capture meaningful behavioral differences. To facilitate evaluations, which can be performed as often as appropriate, information is graphically, using heat maps, scatter graphs, momentum bars, etc. With this information, it’s easy to see where individuals, teams and business units need to take corrective actions to produce aligned For instance, the standard might be the observable behaviors of the highest performing employees that make your company successful and how it aligns with the rest of the company.


EvaluateToWin includes both a management tool and consultants who deploy the tool and provide consulting services so your firm can develop a performance culture with engaged employees aligned to execute strategies to achieve the corporate purpose.

Eval2Win consultants:


  • Provide senior management with best practice insights so they can clarify corporate behavioral values to drive alignment and performance, and cascade them throughout the company
  • Train managers to develop objective criteria to score alignment of employees, teams, business units along culture, performance and leadership
  • Guide managers in how to hold meaningful conversations with employees concerning the monitoring and evaluation system to make appropriate decisions and actions to achieve their goals.
  • Provide consulting expertise to help management achieve excellence in such areas as: performance culture, employee engagement, leadership development, team-building and alignment, and building a competitive advantage.


Whether you implement the system across all divisions of your organization or start using it with your executive leadership team, Eval2Win, is ready to help you get started. Don’t put off for tomorrow what can grow your company now.

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