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Evaluate To Win is a business management system that enables organizations to institutionalize their strategy and drive an intentional culture of winning for everyone. ETW:

Institutionalize Your Strategy!


  • Creates meaningful conversations between management and employees – as they define and develop criteria to measure Mission, Vision, Cultural Values and Behaviors, Strategy and Leadership expectations.
  • Drives alignment of individuals, teams and business units to winning behaviors and performance.
  • Provides rich and easy-to-understand graphic and analytic feedback that facilitates employee and management decision-making on how to pursue the goal of winning.


ETW was developed for business people by business people. The CEO of an aerospace company developed it to optimize the profit of his company and grow it faster. His goal was to institutionalize a winning company strategy and culture, and align every manager and employee’s behaviors and performance.

Jerry Cahn Ph.D., J.D President and CEO

The results are impressive: over the past 5 years, despite the recession, his company has achieved a 20+% CAGR (cumulative annual growth rate).

ETW is a highly cost-effective, scalable system, relying on independent consultants to work with clients to plan, deploy and maximize the system. It complements other management tool-kits including employee performance system.

Eval2Win’s President, Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D is a certified ETW consultant. A psychologist and attorney, his career focuses on unleashing people’s potential for growth. Early in his career, he specialized in evaluation technologies, working with the national trade association (Evaluation Research Society) and conducting Head Start’s first national assessment of the needs of handicapped children for services. He is a co-author of The Evaluation of Training in Mental Health. Today, he works with leaders to increase their effectiveness and improve organizational culture and structures to optimize employees’ ability to contribute to self-growth, corporate profits, and community impact. Among his many professional roles, he is a management professor at CUNY, an expert in presentation and business strategy for Presentation Excellence, and Chairman of Vistage New York’s CEO and Trusted Advisor Peer Advisory Groups. Click here for more information.

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